Corporate Compliance & Initiatives

Own the Initiatives

The success of most initiatives is not predicated on the efforts of a few individuals. Success is driven by consistent and aligned actions of the many.

Unfortunately, the opposite is not always true. The failure of some initiatives – such as compliance programs – can be brought about by the actions of just one person. In such an asymmetric reality, the need for a solution that provides consistency and accountability is clear.

Empower Managers for Success

Learner Community ensures everyone has the knowledge necessary to support key initiatives. It empowers managers to track the status of their employees’ readiness to support key initiatives.

Rapidly Build and Deploy Content

Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use.

Assemble many types of content including:
videos, documents, discussions,
assessments, presentations and more.

Assignment rules ensure the content is deployed to the right audience.

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Learner Community can power the results that matter to you.